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A Skeptic’s Reading List

Christmas gift ideas for the skeptic on your list! Up until a few years ago, I thought that I would always wear the “Christian” label. I never doubted that all the components of my religious faith would be a huge part of my life until, well, the Lord called me Home. When that faith began slipping […]

Re-thinking the Music

Re-thinking the Music by Tania K. A purple sky to close the day I wade the surf where dolphins play The taste of salt, the dance of waves And my soul wells up with hallelujahs A few days ago, a familiar song popped into my head — Chris Rice’s “Hallelujahs.” It’s a song I first […]

Letting Go

Last night was one of those rare nights when I did not fall asleep two seconds after turning out the light. Instead of picking up a book or flipping through a magazine, I chose Facebook. Probably not the most calming thing to do, that sneak-peek into others’ lives, which inspires a host of feelings from surprise to jealousy to […]


Name: Nina Birthplace: Chicago What type of work have you done? I have owned a business for the past 23 years but I have also worked with kids,  given parenting courses,  facilitated restorative justice circles and have worked with several non-profit groups. How would you identify yourself in terms of religion/spirituality? Human What are some of your reasons […]

If I were to tell you…

If I were to tell you that I no longer attend church, I hope that you’d pause for a minute. I hope that for a minute, you’d suspend words and emotions and…pause. I might then tell you that it’s been a year and half since I attended a Sunday morning church service. That I’d decided on that […]

White Sandals

(I wrote this back in 2012; a recent conversation reminded me of the sandals story again.)  Sometimes we’re taught, by well-meaning people, things that are not true, things that in the end may hurt us and shatter our worlds. Things that, when scrutinized, do not stand the test of time. And I am reminded of the white […]

Dear Parents of Children Who Have Left the Church,

I want to begin by saying, “I’m sorry.” I’m sorry that this has been a source of such concern for you. I’m sorry that this has been the cause of so much sadness for the family. I’m sorry that there have been so many disagreements and arguments and long silences. I’m sorry that this has put up […]

Daniel K

Name: Daniel King Birthplace: Manitoba. I grew up in a small town called Rosenort. How would you identify yourself in terms of religion/spirituality? I usually don’t, but I could most accurately be called a skeptic first and then an atheist. What are some of your reasons for joining CFI? I was curious about atheism as […]

Darwin anniversary worth celebrating

Originally published in the Daily Courier on Feburary 13, 2016 To the editor, Friday marked the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in 1809, and 157 years since he published his ground-breaking book, On The Origin of Species, and yet we still have irresponsible preachers convincing their gullible followers he got it all wrong.  Apparently, […]

Eunice Garcia

Name: Eunice Garcia Birthplace: Mexico City What type of work have you done? I was a buyer for a couple of years and a project manager for about ten years in the electronics manufacturing sector. I have also been a teacher both professionally and as a volunteer. Currently I’m a project coordinator. How would you […]