Considering the Departure

My job as a housekeeper at the hospital offers some insights…
notebooks for quotes

Quotes for a Freethinker

 By Tania Kuehn At some point during my late teens, I started…

Citizens For Property Tax Fairness

The following information was written by Kelowna Citizens for…

A Skeptic's Reading List

Christmas gift ideas for the skeptic on your list! Up until…
re-thinking music

Re-thinking the Music

Re-thinking the Music by Tania K. A purple sky to close the…

Letting Go

Last night was one of those rare nights when I did not fall asleep…
Cupping Olympics

Cupping: Premier Pseudoscience for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad

Every four years the Olympics reveals what sort of pseudoscience…

If I were to tell you...

If I were to tell you that I no longer attend church, I hope…
white sandals

White Sandals

(I wrote this back in 2012; a recent conversation reminded me…

Cold-FX Fails the Science Test

This article was originally published in the Kelowna Courier,…